About Us

Ava CucinaOpened in June 2010, AVA Cucina is a family affair to the core. Husband and wife team Vincent and Annette Agostino both come from restaurant backgrounds. Vincent, maestro in the kitchen, learned the restaurant business from his parents who owned and operated their own restaurant for over a decade. Annette, too, has restaurant history having waitressed and managed for years. The food at AVA Cucina nicely blends their two views, and the result is a delightfully varied menu of classic Italian favorites and pizza alike. The family business tradition continues with the couple's 5 grown children who all contribute to the restaurant. Both Vincent and Annette have realized their dream of owning and operating an Italian restaurant and are thrilled to be pursuing their vision with AVA Cucina.


"A visit to AVA Cucina makes it clear that you don't have to travel to the North End for a great Italian meal."
South Shore Living, November 2010

"Whether it is the staff, the food or the overall experience AVA is impossible to beat on the South Shore."
Yelp review, January 2012

"Always treated like family when we stop in which combined with great food keeps us coming back."
Yelp review, October 2011